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Lucky charm

Posted by Amy on Jul 12, 2016.

Have you ever possessed something that you think it always brings you luck? I have a friend who always wears a striped shirt for some important occasions like a job interview as he thinks it will bring him luck. Whenever he doesn’t, due to whatever reasons, wear the striped shirt, as soon as he has realized it, he would feel doomed to be unlucky that day. However rational you claim yourself to be, there must be some moments in your life that you have this kind of ‘superstitious believes’ upon something. Some people would get super anxious about someone mentioning something ‘bad luck’ like t..


Descendants of the Sun - Moral dilemma from Korean drama

Posted by Amy on Apr 03, 2016.

Scenario 1 Whether to save the VIP Imagine you are a doctor and you are sent to an under-developed country together with a group of soldiers. There's an important politician who is unconscious and his security guards come to seek for your help. They refuse to provide you with his detailed medical record and some of the information on the record maybe wrong. When you examine his body, you find guarding over his abdomen. The politician at the same time is deteriorating. Given limited time and unclear medical history, you decide to operate on him to see what is wrong. The security guards from t..


YumYum Food in Okinawa

Posted by Amy on Mar 25, 2016.

Please forgive me if I would like to introduce something not at the season because I have a problem of missing the old time. Having been to Japan for a few times, I'd really hope for somewhere quieter and less crowded. Not surprisingly, I chose to travel to Okinawa last autumn. It was perfect weather, not rainy but not too much sunshine. For a place like Okinawa, I'd give it four days for a quick glimpse. Although it was autumn, it was quite hot to walk outdoor for a while. Japan has this thing with convenience. There're ice-cream and cold drinks everywhere. The impressive three-coloured ic..


Workout pants aren't just for workout

Posted by Amy on Mar 19, 2016.

The key is slimness. If your workout pants are monotone and slim enough, they can go with any tops, not just sweatshirts, any tops can work. Try and mix and match your own style! view datail view datail view datail view datail view datail view datail ..


2016 Spring Striped Collection

Posted by Amy on Mar 09, 2016.

2016 Spring Korean fashion.   Simplicity never dies! Have you ever had the experience that when you are drawing a birthday cake by your pencil, you want to use a pen to create some solid line; once you've done, you find it boring to just have a cake black and white, so you try to fill in some colours to it; then you may find something's missing , so you add some fruits on it; this is when you find the background so dull, you need to add some patterns like hearts and flowers around the cake? You end up adding more and more, and actually, the original picture you created by your pencil isn..


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