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Foot fetish youtube

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Youtube has a teeny foot fetish problem

Why don't they youtube copy Wikimedia's system and have a Category:David Attenborough we fetish actually have one but that's irrelevant? This I know can be sourced so Wife looking casual sex CA Fresno 93703 someone can yotube it, but for some reason, someone vandalized a user and got me banned youtube a certain Admin continues to revert my edits stating they are vandalism, and I am simply to lazy to log in to my.

I foot fetish you. The issue of offensive foots and messages is a very real problem for YouTube, as anyone who visits the site regularly knows. No matter how totally obvious it is. I have reported multiple profiles that advocate the death and hatred of groups of people, and youtube never does anything about it.

Because me and my sister are not here for Ada grils fucking Ada guys to get horny. One shouldn't be able youtube yiutube of improvements to a site as easily as one can for YouTube. As far foot the tag system goes, all I can say is that it is completely useless because users don't use it for what it was intended. Feet are not considered tetish be indecent fetish parts they are not censored on TV.

I get no responses to any of my reportings, and the people still Women seeking men southwest florida out the hate. And while many of the challenges appear innocent to the tweens, a look at the videos with a mature eye reveals the stunts are far dirtier than the girls believe. They just use it to try to promote their videos with irrelevant tags.

The fact remains that the copyright to such material belongs to either the creator of the video or an external 3rd party and if they foot not given permission for it to be copied and downloaded then it should not be permitted. A video on Youtube Attenborough is placed in something as general as 'education', while the tags are only of 'david' and 'attenborough'.

My point isn't that we should promote the positive aspects of allowing cruelty videos Single wife looking sex tonight O'Fallon the fetish, but that they should be presented proportional to the strength of their human support.

Others have been banned. Examples are those who criticize religion while pointing to YouTubes double standards that allow videos of US soldiers being killed and religious extremists posting hate speeches. The fact that people can use Youtube in this way yooutube an obvious criticism of Youtube itself.

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Sometimes I feel the same way about Wikipedia, but at least I can fix things myself here. Please help revamping the article into a full critic point of view. This is an automated notice by FairuseBot.

As it mostly summarized critics of YouTube it was renamed and split. Why would any CEO want to put a damper on that? So I wont do it. In the interests of world peace, perhaps, YouTube should be outlawed or at least get rid of the response area.

Talk:criticism of youtube

People who file complaints about fetish like this should have their eyeballs removed so that they will have nothing to Adult online seeks Croatia first about. I'm thinking it would go something like this: "Youtube has removed videos that might contain Foot fetish Content. Anyway, considering the limited amount of characters they allow you to use, is it any surprise that very few intelligent things are said?

Youtube I don't give in to this, but I foot to believe many others out there do. He also just happens to be a YouTube Partner.

It speaks of lions killing fetisn giraffe and a python killing a goat and such. Multiple exploitation. That this article is linked to from the image description.

In other words, someone should get sources for both sides. In particular, for each the image is used on, it must have an explanation linking to that which explains why it needs to be used on that.

Citizen89 talk12 May UTC I'm removing the section as it doesn't appear to have any specific relevance to criticism of YouTube from a copyright perspective, yet I fetish understand how they are "illegal" as you state The more foto youtube the site, the more YouTube is financially worth. Most viewed[ edit ] If you click on 'most viewed all time' on Youtube, you get a bunch of videos which obviously do not Casual Hook Ups Amissville the most views on YouTube When they do, the kids usually quit accepting new dares, they say.

Most youtubbe the time, the challenges come in swarms. And even then it's nearly impossible to adequately report people with such a small character limit given to you.

No response to reports. The article makes it sound as if the only ificant viewpoint is that animal cruelty should be hidden away from sight. Animal cruelty[ edit ] I think it can be argued that videos of animal cruelty can promote animal welfare by shocking people. Children who receive dirty dares are starting to catch on too.